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Chapman, Robert, "Unidentified Flying Objects"
Chapter Five, "Why Warminster?", recaps the events in Warminster up until late 1968. Robert...
Delgado, Pat & Colin Andrews, "Circular Evidence: A detaled investigation of the Flattened Swirled Crops Phenomenon"
In the summer of 1981 Pat Delgado brought to the attention of the British press the existence of...
Jessup, M. K., "The Case for the UFO - Unidentified Flying Objects"
Flying Saucers, Disappearing Planes and Ships, Fire Balls, Space Travel, Meteors, Falling Bodies...
Johnson, Dewayne B & Thomas, Kenn "Flying Saucers over Los Angeles" HÄFTAD
Chronicles the first year of the flying saucer hysteria, from 24 June 1947 to 14 June 1950.
Randles, Jenny "UFO - retrievals" HÄFTAD
"Uncover the greatest story "never told, with the help of world-renowned UFO researcher and...